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GDP Consulting works with organizations and individuals to resolve day-to-day board management and governance issues.
As well as offering development input, training, and workshops on The Decision Making Model of Governance, many clients request our assistance with customized programs and ongoing, varying levels of support.
Please call to discuss your requirements.


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Business Coaching

GDP Consulting provides conflict resolution and mediation for individuals and groups —for board members, staff and company executives at all levels.
We coach one-on-one on a personal basis for individuals and for teams, companies/ organizations. 
If you would like to change the situation or resolve issues, please call 709-753-9935 today.
This service is provided in person, and online via Skype and by phone, short term or long. 

Welcome! Whether you are looking for support with governance, management, or conflict resolution, GDP Consulting can help.

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Are you or your company wasting time and resources? Are you stressed? 

  • Do you take too long to make decisions?

  • Do you need a strategic/business plan?

  • Are you looking for professional development in the area of board governance?

  • Are you (or a staff/board member) in conflict with an individual or group and need someone to facilitate a group session? 

  • Would it be helpful to involve a coach/mediator or do you need a workplace assessment completed to pinpoint issues?


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Many governing bodies—corporate, not-for-profit, or public sector boards of directors, city and town councils—struggle to separate governance from management.

Executives on the board

They get stuck on defining roles and responsibilities, or developing comprehensive constitutions, by-laws, and policies—and can't function as effective governance teams.

Achieving Expectations

The result is a governing body that is inefficient and has difficulty meeting stakeholder expectations or fulfilling the obligations of governance.

Decision Making Solutions

GDP Consulting provides solutions by demystifying and making governance manageable. We provide framework, structure, and mechanisms to eliminate guesswork so you can achieve measurable results.

If you've ever questioned whether you're on the right track, call us for a quick (free) consult. 
GDP Consulting
Head Office:
38 Ottawa Street
St. John's, NL, A1A 2Z2
709 753 9935 

In the USA: 11214 Corrigan Road,
Roscoe, IL 61073-7886


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