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Dr. Brenda Kelleher-Flight

Dr. Brenda Kelleher-Flight, founder of GDP Consulting and author of “The Decision Making Model of Governance,” is a leading professional in the areas of governance, decision-making, policy, planning and performance measurement.

Proficient at Leading
She is highly proficient at leading not-for-profit boards, college boards, school boards, aboriginal councils/governments/boards, and business teams. Read More


Board Governance

• Outlining the 11 models of governance
• Determining which model meets the needs of the board
• Outlining the differences between governance and management
• Writing governance constitution, by-laws, and policies
• Identifying the skills needed by board members
• Providing professional development for board members
• Facilitating the development of organizational culture change strategies
• Facilitating public consultations
• Outlining what needs to be done to meet accountabiity requirements

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Professional Coaching

  • Policies and practices promote problem solving
  • The work flow is not disrupted, while conflict is being resolved
  • Individuals understand the behaviours that cause or perpetuate conflict
  • Individuals understand how their mind styles are different from others’ styles and how that can create tension
  • Relationships are enhanced leading to productive interactions in the future
  • Self-monitoring processes are understood
  • Parties understand change management and key behaviours necessary to protect the organizational culture
  • What is required of them to demonstrate the organizational values
  • Individuals involved feel heard and understood
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Small Business Development

• Clarifying the  mandate
• Developing the vision
• Developing the lines of business
• Developing the mission
• Developing the values
• Developing the goals
• Developing the objectives (including performance measurement)
• Developing monitoring processes
• Completing environmental scans

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