Faced With An Opportunity

Or A Demanding Situation? 

You know what needs to be achieved,

and you, your team or your board want support to get there.

Dr. Brenda Kelleher-Flight

is a strategic, results-orientated coach who will do just that.



Our mandate is make our clients lives easier by providing the support they want and in the way they want it in order to ensure their goals are achieved.



The vision of GDP Consulting is of individuals, boards and businesses with the confidence to speak their truth, solve issues and leave positive legacies.

Our Clients Include

Associations Entrepreneurs
Councils Governments
Economic Development Entities International Corporations
Non-Profit Organizations Professional Organizations
School Boards Public Sector Entities
Individuals, e.g., CEOs, facilitators, managers, board chairpersons Boards, e.g., not-for-profit, business, health, education, association

Your Success is Our Success

How do we work with you?

The choice is yours to make:
  • Train trainers
  • Work with teams to improve output
  • Provide training and documentation resources for entities that wish to handle their own training
  • Improve the functioning of teams
  • Resolve conflicts re issues and personnel
  • Facilitate sessions and relationships with stakeholders
  • Analyze problems and suggests realistic affordable solutions
  • Work behind the scenes to support executive directors/CEOs/general managers
  • Complete research for you
  • Formulate and write reports
  • Facilitate sessions
  • Draft governance or management policies
  • Provide 1:1 coaching via Skype, telephone or in person.
All work is confidential.

Dr. Brenda Kelleher-Flight

Brenda is highly proficient at leading not-for-profit boards, college boards, school boards, aboriginal councils/governments/boards, and business teams. Specific areas of expertise include research, governance policy, strategic and business plan development, risk analysis, management policy development, and formulating/updating of constitutions and bylaws.

Brenda is a qualified mediator. Her success as a coach brings referrals to her. Most of her clients are individuals and managers who are professionals in a specific field but have not had managerial training or mentoring or taught the skills necessary for successful interactions. Some of her clients are individuals facing challenges and need to learn conflict resolution skills or prepare for face-to-face meetings to resolve work or personal issues. The key is that when her clients learn how to center, the keys to charisma, and how to network successfully they are always successful in their future endeavours.

What Clients Are Saying

S. A.

Thank you so much for all of your guidance and support, Brenda. You are amazing. We have much work ahead of us, but I feel that we all much better equipped to handle the challenge. I am sure that I can speak for the others that we deeply appreciate your commitment and professionalism.

It is such a fantastic feeling that we are now working together as a team!

M. Tucker

I felt that the exercises were a very good part of the session. This made all of us think about some of the hard questions with respect to the role of management and board members. This approach is more practical and hand-on and works much better than lecture style

Julie Kavanagh

Dr. Kelleher-Flight’s presentation helped us meet our conference goal by providing information to benefit delegates in their respective businesses. We were very pleased with the positive comments on your workshop.

Hubert Langdon

Dr. Kelleher-Flight is very knowledgeable on the subject of governance. She kept us focused on the task at hand and involved us in the discussions on each aspect of governance. She quite willingly and capably answered our questions. She makes the distinction between governance and management quite clear.

Lori Donovan

I found Dr. Kelleher-Flight to be very informative and engaging. What could have been a very tiring session was actually energizing. Dr. Kelleher-Flight’s knowledge of strategic planning was excellent. I learned a lot. She kept us on task and within the timelines. The goals of each session were reached. We also began to think about what kind of board we are (which is very important to us at this time). Overall, I found it very useful. Thank you.

Regina Wright

Thank you for your excellent work in the preparation of the report. It is most comprehensive and your presentations on this Report were excellent.
I learned how my “Gregorc Mind Style” will help me understand my natural way and how to relate to people who have different styles. I know i)what makes a good elevator speech and how to make people want to know more and ii) the importance of having ‘offerings’ that will give people a choice. I now have a practical way of making sure my business objectives are met.