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Why Coaching?

Coaching enables you to

  • deal with real-time issues,
  • practice new skills in a confidential environment, and
  • safely move from a state of uncertainty to total confidence in any situation.

Executive & Leadership Coaching

Do you want to be on top of your game?

Often, we know our areas of expertise well. What causes us problems or keeps us awake at night are people issues.

Executive and Leadership Coaching enables you to

  • Deal with real-time issues
  • Practice new skills in a confidential environment
  • Safely move from a state of uncertainty to total confidence in any situation.

Conflict Resolution Coaching

Do you tend to shy away from conflict? Do you let others intimidate you? Do you get angry or feel as if you just can’t resolve issues in a constructive way?

Conflict Resolution Coaching will help you

  • Learn what triggers you to react negatively to others
  • Understand how to stay centered, calm, and constructive
  • Master verbal and nonverbal techniques that work
  • Be confident in the most negative circumstances.

Conflict Resolution Coaching and Leadership Coaching

Client Testimonial

Performance Improvement Coaching

Are you unable to meet your targets? Are you having difficulty moving to a higher level of productivity? Do you feel like you are underperforming, and not tapping into your full potential?

Performance Improvement Coaching will benefit you and your company/organization.

You will learn to

  • Be confident about your own skill set
  • Determine what is required of you to meet or exceed expectations
  • Become aware of how your performance is impacting your company/organization
  • Know what team behavior looks, sounds, and feels like
  • Deal with professional challenges in a constructive way
  • Focus on priorities, positive action, and working smart for success.

Performance Enhancement Coaching

Do you want to bring your game to the next level?

If you know you are capable of more but can’t seem to create that opportunity, Performance Enhancement Coaching is for you.

This coaching package will meet your needs by

  • building on your underutilized/unrecognized talents, and/or
  • honing the necessary skills in order for you to receive that well-deserved promotion.

Board Governance Coaching

We customize services to meet the needs of your organization and establish a well-functioning governance model.

Business Coaching

Business coaching best suits the needs of individuals who are feeling stuck or overwhelmed.

Many areas are addressed based on the identified needs presented by the business owner or manager.

Business/Strategic Services and Operational Planning

The most successful business owners and the best boards know that there are certain conditions that need to exist to render a strategic plan useful.

Knowing the benchmarks and working within a proven framework makes the process much more efficient and effective—and saves time, energy, and conflict.

What Clients Are Saying

T. D., Manager

I became more aware/appreciative of the need to include/consider/address the dynamics of the interpersonal relationship when conducting business. Knowledge and experience by themselves do not trump/veto the need to establish and maintain positive interpersonal relationships.

It has allowed me to become less anxious and less inhibited when working. I am enjoying moment more and worrying less about how/if I am going to get there.

Coaching affirmed for me that with practice, preparation, and commitment I can succeed. My limitations have inherent strengths which can play a part in my success.

S. A.

Thank you so much for all of your guidance and support, Brenda. You are amazing. We have much work ahead of us, but I feel that we all much better equipped to handle the challenge. I am sure that I can speak for the others that we deeply appreciate your commitment and professionalism.

It is such a fantastic feeling that we are now working together as a team!

Hubert Langdon

Dr. Kelleher-Flight is very knowledgeable on the subject of governance. She kept us focused on the task at hand and involved us in the discussions on each aspect of governance. She quite willingly and capably answered our questions. She makes the distinction between governance and management quite clear.

Lori Donovan

I found Dr. Kelleher-Flight to be very informative and engaging. What could have been a very tiring session was actually energizing. Dr. Kelleher-Flight’s knowledge of strategic planning was excellent.

I learned a lot. She kept us on task and within the timelines. The goals of each session were reached. We also began to think about what kind of board we are (which is very important to us at this time). Overall, I found it very useful. Thank you.

W. D., Senior Auditor

I just wanted to say thanks for all your coaching.  My family also thanks you.

When I first started I was very frustrated, unhappy, and bitter. Now it takes me a lot longer to get frustrated as I no longer let issues build, I am happier because when I do incur stressful events I know how to leave them behind and I am no longer bitter as I have learned how to communicate things that frustrate me without getting upset.

The greatest change has been with my family life. I play with my kids more, I no longer take out the bad days on them, I do not shout at my kids anymore because I have learned other ways to address discipline issues. My wife is happier because I no longer snap at her.

Thanks for everything.