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About: GDP Consulting



Our aim is provide the support our clients need the way they want it to meet their goals and to make their lives easier.



The vision of GDP Consulting is of individuals, boards and businesses with the confidence to speak their truth, solve issues and leave positive legacies.

Your Success is Our Success

How do we work with you?

  • Train trainers
  • Work with teams to improve output
  • Provide training and documentation resources for entities that wish to handle their own training
  • Improve the functioning of teams
  • Resolve conflicts re issues and personnel
  • Facilitate sessions and relationships with stakeholders
  • Analyze problems and suggests realistic affordable solutions
  • Work behind the scenes to support executive directors/CEOs/general managers
  • Complete research for you
  • Formulate and write reports
  • Facilitate sessions
  • Draft governance or management policies
  • Provide 1:1 coaching via Skype, telephone or in person.

Our Clients

They are individuals, public and private sector organizations, and companies:

  • associations
  • individuals (e.g., CEOs, executive directors, facilitators, strategic/business planners, business owners,individuals in conflict, managers, board chairpersons)
  • councils
  • boards (e.g., not-for-profit, business, health, education, association)
  • business owners
  • economic development entities
  • governments
  • international corporations
  • non profit organizations
  • professional organizations
  • public sector entities
  • school boards