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Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

A Conflict Resolution Video Series

Conflict is normal, believe it or not. In order to resolve conflict, we need the skills required to engage in conflict resolution.

This video series consists of six parts:


The Price Paid for Ongoing Conflict

There are many patterns that we develop when we’re uncomfortable with other people, or we just want situations to go away. The remainder of this series will address techniques you can use to change your mind.


Change Your Gaze to Change Your Mind

What we often find is that when people are feeling negative about an individual or a situation, and are thinking about that person or situation, their gaze moves downward. This part includes a couple of exercises for when you find yourself in that situation.


Change Your Posture to Change Your Mind

When we become negative, our posture shows it. In this part, I’ll show you posture exercises and how they can change how you’re feeling into something more positive.


How Our Non-Verbal Behavior Affects Others

What we do with our body, the tone of our voice, and how we sit affects others. If we are exhibiting negative body language in the presence of those who may or may not know the reason/s behind it, then we are setting ourselves up for a potential negative interaction.


How Our Beliefs Affect Our Views of Others

Very often, our reactions to situations are based on beliefs we have accepted when we were younger, and it’s only possible to change those reactions when we analyze our beliefs and determine our Truth.


The Importance of Listening

When we truly listen, we take the time to let the person know that we heard what they said, so that they can self-correct. Make sure they know we heard them before we respond.

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