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A good mixture of team players is vital to a company’s growth and success. That’s why the process of selecting the best persons for every role in the organization or enterprise is a serious business. But in this area, every enterprise has its own hits and misses. Most often, there are lots of misses to the point of exhaustion, and as a leader, you question yourself, “Why can’t I find the right people?”

If you’re struggling, the bottom cause might be right under your nose this whole time. As a manager, you need to recognize the reasons why you are attracting the wrong people in order to start engaging with the right ones. Notable reasons would be:

  • You want clones of yourself.
  • They have no interest.
  • They can’t do what’s expected of them.
  • They are attracted to other companies.
  • They can’t take your honesty.

For the Spring Edition of NLOWE’s The Advisor, join me as I explore more about the reasons above and figure out the keys to overcome them. Click here to read the full article.

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