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Running a business definitely brings out the best in us and gets the worst in us as well. Alongside extraordinary highs are frustrated lows. Although inevitable, these can be managed if you are willing to change your picture.

Do you have headaches? Are you easily irritated and most of the time frustrated? Do you feel as if you are spinning your wheels and getting nowhere? Are you getting less rest than you need?

If so, let’s see if we can make your life a little easier.

Rate your Situation 

Are you yawning yet? Please bear with me for a few minutes. Look at the chart below and truthfully rate each area.

1 =      Things are in a mess, I’m frustrated about it, I’m avoiding it, or I need help

5 =      Things need to improve, but there are some positives which will help build in this area.

10 =    Everything is as perfect just as it can be right now.

The Area

My Ratings (My Truth)











Internal Operations: All of the processes and systems to run the business effectively and efficiently











Sales: Methods for targeting clients, actual sales, and profit margins











Products and Services: In line with client’s want/need, ability to deliver what we say we will











Finances: My systems (receivables and payables); my ability to generate and read reports and use them to predict future success; auditors in place











Staff/Consultants/Contractors: Live with the values of the business; follow my directions; meet deadlines; are reliable











Personal: self-care; spiritual growth; anxiety level; work/life balance; exercise; friendships











Recalibrate your View

When things are out of balance, we feel the same, too. These feelings can leave us feeling insecure, frustrated, angry, empty, and alone. As we look at the areas that are rated 7 or less, we can begin to look at our options to change that picture.

If you are saying, “She’s crazy. There is nothing I can do. There’s nothing more I can do,” or “I am afraid and frustrated to ask others for help because I will seem stupid or incompetent,” that is not true. Only people who trust can be vulnerable and can reach out to others for advice, education or support.

Revise and Retry

When you start to create balance, you have to take small steps. Be patient. If you rated one area a 3 and you want it to be a 7, only decide what you need to do to change the rating to 4. When you reach 4, celebrate your success and decide your next steps to reach a 5. Maintain that pattern until you reach your desired state.

You may want to reach the desired outcome or state faster, but if you try to do too much, you will overwhelm yourself and feel disappointed or like a failure. The hare does win the race much of the time.

Refuse to be Beaten 

Every business owner makes “mis-takes”. The key is to learn from them, thank them for the opportunity to see things differently and move forward. Being vulnerable is okay. It is even better to have faith in yourself that you can work things out.

If you find satisfactory solutions, reach out to your business coach. Get past the detour and keep moving toward your desired destination.

Do you want to

  • reduce stress and achieve harmony in your personal and professional life?
  • be a more effective and efficient leader in your workplace?

If you want to be on top of your game, then you will benefit the most from coaching.

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Dr. Brenda Kelleher-Flight