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Often managers and senior staff may lack the knowledge needed to perform all aspects of their roles successfully or be too busy to fulfill specific expectations.

Why Choose Coaching?

Coaching is the most effective form of professional development because it is confidential and honors each person’s uniqueness. It is an ongoing relationship designed to help professionals move past their doubts while holding them accountable for results.

Previous clients have found that coaching doesn’t just get results; it gets the most meaningful, long-lasting results.

Individuals who availed of these packages feel they need support in one or more areas:

• Dealing with different types of personalities
• Dealing with conflict and managing people better
• Being provided more opportunities at work
• Networking or building consensus
• Building confidence
• Reducing stress
• Managing better

These packages are offered in a variety of increments allowing each person to work at a personalized pace. Whatever package chosen will involve work at mutually agreed-upon pace to meet each professionals needs.

Package 1: Reduce Stress and Achieve Harmony

Duration: Nine hours of coaching over three consecutive months

Topics in this package:

• Personality/mind styles and the relationship to conflict or openess
• Motivation and mind style
• Verbal and non-verbal behaviours
• Centering to deal with adversity
• Hidden parts of ourselves/perceptions and actions
• Increasing success rate
• One group and a 1:1 problem-solving method
• Decision trees
• Up-front contracts and power imbalances
• Change management
• Strategic thinking, consensus and risks

Package 2: Total Confidence in Any Situation

Duration: 15 hours of coaching over four consecutive months

Topics in this package:

• All topics outlined in Package 1
• Dealing with high-conflict personalities
• Trust
• Factors that influence perceptions actions
• Skills to draw people to you, trust you, and want to be led by you
• Settling group differences
• Use an “up-front contract” to save time and protect relationships
• Team vs group
• Confidence
• Being a change agent
• Signature voice

Package 3: Effective and Efficient Leadership

Duration: 48 hours of coaching over 12 consecutive months

Topics in this package:

• All topics outlined in Packages 1 and 2
• Improving team’s culture
• Matching management style to personality
• Performance management
• Healthy relationships during adversity
• Maximizing different personality styles to ensure effective teams
• Positive and constructive feedback
• Building organizational capacity
• Match verbal and non-verbal communication
• Effective questioning techniques
• Strategic thinking and risks
• Conduct productive interpersonal meetings
• Types of power
• Responsibility shifting
• Charisma and success
• Networking for Success

What Clients Are Saying

T. D., Manager

I became more aware/appreciative of the need to include/consider/address the dynamics of the interpersonal relationship when conducting business. Knowledge and experience by themselves do not trump/veto the need to establish and maintain positive interpersonal relationships.

It has allowed me to become less anxious and less inhibited when working. I am enjoying moment more and worrying less about how/if I am going to get there.

Coaching affirmed for me that with practice, preparation, and commitment I can succeed. My limitations have inherent strengths which can play a part in my success

S. A.

Thank you so much for all of your guidance and support, Brenda. You are amazing. We have much work ahead of us, but I feel that we all much better equipped to handle the challenge. I am sure that I can speak for the others that we deeply appreciate your commitment and professionalism.

It is such a fantastic feeling that we are now working together as a team!

Hubert Langdon

Dr. Kelleher-Flight is very knowledgeable on the subject of governance. She kept us focused on the task at hand and involved us in the discussions on each aspect of governance. She quite willingly and capably answered our questions. She makes the distinction between governance and management quite clear.

Lori Donovan

I found Dr. Kelleher-Flight to be very informative and engaging. What could have been a very tiring session was actually energizing. Dr. Kelleher-Flight’s knowledge of strategic planning was excellent. I learned a lot. She kept us on task and within the timelines. The goals of each session were reached. We also began to think about what kind of board we are (which is very important to us at this time). Overall, I found it very useful. Thank you.

W. D., Senior Auditor

I just wanted to say thanks for all your coaching.  My family also thanks you.

When I first started I was very frustrated, unhappy, and bitter. Now it takes me a lot longer to get frustrated as I no longer let issues build , I am happier because when I do incur stressful events I know how to leave them behind and I am no longer bitter as I have learned how to communicate things that frustrate me without getting upset.

The greatest change has been with my family life.  I play with my kids more, I no longer take out the bad days on them, I do not shout at my kids anymore because I have learned other ways to address discipline issues. My wife is happier because I no longer snap at her.

Thanks for everything.

About the Coach


Brenda Kelleher-Flight is the owner of GDP Consulting Inc. She is a Certified Professional coach, holds an Executive Certificate in Conflict Management, and is a qualified mediator (Q.Med).

Her aim is to unlock the potential of professionals and organizations.

She coaches professionals and managers in private business, not-for-profit organizations, higher education entities and government entities.

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