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Management Video Series

Management would be so much easier if individual personalities and preferences didn’t get in the way of progress and change.

Sometimes the issues emerge because difficult people work with us. Other times it’s our approach that hat affects the outcomes.

This video series address 4 key issues and provides practical answers to make a manager’s life easier. These include:


Pacing Implementation

The five factors which affect the pace we choose for any implementation or change are outlined. Cautions are delineated and the 7 key skills required which save the day are discussed.

Push/Pull Strategies and Success

The difference between a push and a pull strategy and how one can create more resistance is covered. How to be proficient at the use of pull strategies is delineated.

Philosophy over Competency

Often managers are asked to ensure that new employees have the competencies required to do a job well. In reality, a person may be competent and difficult. This video outlines the importance of considering philosophy when hiring new employees.

Signals we Send

Thoughts are things. The body doesn’t lie. This video focuses on the importance of thought preparation and subconscious signals on management success.

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