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Importance of Positive Conflict Resolution in a Team

One of the inevitable problems faced by an organization is team conflict. However, an advanced preparation to deal with it in a manner that is rational as well as positive can save your organization from any further disruption. Conflicts occur when team members have different opinions, incompatible goals, lack of regard for each other or simply when misunderstandings arise. Resolving conflicts needs patience and time. When dissension is ignored it takes its toll mentally and physically. A positive team conflict resolution method implied results in an overall better long-term team dynamics. Certainly, at times conflicts are advantageous and healthy measure of a company, as there are instances where conflict is productive.

Two kinds of conflicts have been defined by experts, they are functional and dysfunctional. Functional conflict have a positive impact on an individual, a team, or the organization. Functional conflict can cause to increase the awareness of critical issues so that they can be addressed. Good conflict have the potential to be a boon for your business.

On the other hand, dysfunctional conflict can destroy group cohesion, promote hostilities among the team, and develop an overall negative environment for staff. 

How Mediation helps?

If you are looking for a resolution on your on time and on your own terms with another party, mediation can be highly rewarding to both parties. Some of the benefits of mediation are:

  1. Mediation is an innovative countermeasure, and it can only be mediated by both parties’ willingness to negotiate creatively.
  2. Mediation essentially puts you and your adversary on the same team. The teamwork approach to resolving the issue in mediation helps to avoid a court battle later on.
  3. Mediation also allows for the preservation of the parties’ long-term relationship.

Making the decision to hire a mediator or attorney is a major step in the process of resolving your dispute. There are various situations to which the perfect solution is mediation. To determine if your situation is right for mediation or not you should assess your situation by speaking with Brenda Kelleher-Flight at GDP Consulting Inc.

What you reap of conflict resolution is entirely dependent on what how much you devote, so if you opt for mediation process with a negative frame of mind, you likely won’t get as much out of it as you would if you entered into it thinking of it as a valuable investment. If you have decided on a conflict resolution with the other party, it is in your best interest to view the conflict resolution process as a valuable investment to gain the most benefit from the process.