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Conflict Resolution &

Mediation Services

Conflict is costly to the organization


Conflict is costly to the organization and including a personal cost to the individuals involved, with observed increased levels of tension. The number of sick days taken rises and individuals may be unable to work together to complete assignments or meet the demands of their positions.

GDP Consulting services include problem solving, conflict resolution, and mediation/facilitation. Services offered may be provided as:

  • One-on-one coaching in person, on Skype or via telephone
  • Facilitated discussions, and
  • Mediation services.

Brenda is a qualified mediator. Most of her clients are individuals and managers who are professionals in a specific field but have not had managerial training or mentoring or taught the skills necessary for successful interactions. Some of her clients are individuals facing challenges and need to learn conflict resolution skills or prepare for face-to-face meetings to resolve work or personal issues.

The key is that when her clients learn how to center, the keys to charisma, and how to network successfully they are always successful in their future endeavours.

As well, she works effectively with personnel to determine what is interfering with interpersonal relationships, to decide what is holding them back in their career paths, and to set realistic goals for their professional and personal growth.

The number of coaching clients she accepts at one time is limited in order to ensure she can meet her clients’ needs.

What Clients Are Saying

EAP Coordinator

I thought it was important that you heard feedback from her regarding your services.
Overall she was extremely pleased with your approach, preparation, and professionalism.

More specifically, the employee shared that you were able to utilize various theories to assist her to adapt her approach to situations that allowed her practical skills to intervene. She also felt that her stress was reduced, knowing she had a plan to approach the numerous complicated situations she faces.

She also shared there has been a professional and trust relationship established where she is able to be challenged around her boundaries and role.

Brenda, thanks so much for your work with this employee.

T. D., Manager

I became more aware/appreciative of the need to include/consider/address the dynamics of the interpersonal relationship when conducting business. Knowledge and experience by themselves do not trump/veto the need to establish and maintain positive interpersonal relationships.

It has allowed me to become less anxious and less inhibited when working. I am enjoying moment more and worrying less about how/if I am going to get there.

Coaching affirmed for me that with practice, preparation, and commitment I can succeed. My limitations have inherent strengths which can play a part in my success

M. B. D., EAP Coordinator

I wanted to pass on very specific feedback on your work with one of our employees. The employee shared that you were able to assess her situation adeptly, and were able to understand and consider her profession and gender issues. She indicated increased problem solving in all levels and types of communication in the workplace, and reduction in her personal reactiveness and levels of stress.

The employee is now feeling able to consider further steps of intervention from a systemic perspective.  

Thanks so much

W. D., Senior Auditor

I just wanted to say thanks for all your coaching.  My family also thanks you.

When I first started I was very frustrated, unhappy, and bitter. Now it takes me a lot longer to get frustrated as I no longer let issues build , I am happier because when I do incur stressful events I know how to leave them behind and I am no longer bitter as I have learned how to communicate things that frustrate me without getting upset.

The greatest change has been with my family life.  I play with my kids more, I no longer take out the bad days on them, I do not shout at my kids anymore because I have learned other ways to address discipline issues. My wife is happier because I no longer snap at her.

Thanks for everything.

Hubert Langdon

Dr. Kelleher-Flight is very knowledgeable on the subject of governance. She kept us focused on the task at hand and involved us in the discussions on each aspect of governance. She quite willingly and capably answered our questions. She makes the distinction between governance and management quite clear.

M. K., Solicitor

The techniques and tools I use solved my issues. It took me six months using them to be fully confident. I now work well with others and have no difficulty speaking my truth. In fact, I use the  new skills at home as well. Thank you.

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